Chicago Capacity Building Initiative (CCBI)

Organizing in Chicago has evolved. The city of big shoulders will forever carry the legacy of Saul Alinsky, but today's organizations are a sophisticated, entrepreneurial and innovative bunch. They understand public policy and political power. They embrace the latest technology, strategically engage media and commission research. They cultivate allies in other sectors. Once isolated and insular, organizations now seek each other out, creating powerful and effective coalitions. CCBI, the Chicago Community Organizing Capacity Building Initiative, contributed to this shift, by providing a space where organizers could get to know one another, develop relationships and explore opportunities. In 1999, eight Chicago-area foundations designed the Initiative to increase the effectiveness of grassroots community organizing. It was funded by the Ford Foundation for three years. Based on the first round's success, a second cycle of CCBI funding commenced in 2004 as a full-fledged funders' collaborative with thirteen local and national funding partners, including the Woods Fund of Chicago.

Two summary documents tell the story of CCBI and its impact: Building Capacity, Changing Neighborhoods provides a summary of CCBI's goals and outcomes, and People Power & Policy Impact describes in detail the challenge of grassroots collaboration to create large-scale change.  For a copy of these reports click the links below.

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Assessment Tools. 

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